How to Download And Use Our App During School Emergencies

For Students & Parents

For Schools & Personnel

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With School Security First, you can:

  • Notify everyone on campus who has the app as to the type and location of the emergency within 6 seconds.
  • Simultaneously notify the police as to the type and location of the emergency.
  • Have the option to speak directly to a 911 representative or to provide an automated, voice-activated call in case it is not safe to speak.
  • Notify school personnel, students, and parents when the emergency is over by activating the “All Clear” button.
  • Let parents know the exact location of their children following the emergency with the app’s GPS tracking device.

Knowing the location of the emergency decreases confusion and allows people to determine the best way to stay safe or to exit safely.

With School Security First, the ability to notify potential victims and the police within 6 seconds is an important feature. The difference between minutes and seconds can save lives.

Contact us to make our app part of your campus safety measures. From our headquarters in California, we serve schools of all levels internationally.