You have the option on how you are notified.  You can be notified just as would for any text message on your phone.  However, because most people have to have their phones on silent in the classroom, we recommend using the camera light which will flash continually until the person responds to the emergency notification on the home-screen.  You can adjust your notification on this app by going into the Settings Menu on your phone.

There is the option to notify everyone on campus who has the app, including students, or notification can be sent to just school personnel.  Regardless of option chosen, police are simultaneously notified.

No, only school personnel may initiate the emergency.

For security purposes, parents who have the School Security First App, will be notified once the local law enforcement has defused the emergency. Any school personnel can initiate the “All Clear” response to parents letting them know there was an emergency and the emergency is over. A GPS locator will automatically turn on so parents can locate their child within 5 feet. Both child and parent must have the app in order for this feature to work.

There is the option to be notified via text message, email or both when an emergency occurs.

The application works in real time so if a perpetrator moves from one location to another, any school personnel can quickly update the current location and the new information will be sent to everyone on campus who has the app as well as law enforcement.

Person with a knife, suspicious person, person with a gun, active shooter, suspicious package, explosive device and fire.

There is an option to make an automated phone call to the police. It will provide the first responders with the location and type of emergency.

When downloading the School Security First Application, parents have the option to add multiple schools and multiple children at no additional cost. There is only one fee for the parent to load multiple schools. However, if parents want to have the GPS tracking feature, each child must purchase the app.  Please note, your child’s school must be registered with School Security First.

The school can contact us (See contact page) and School Security First will work directly with your child’s school to get them registered.

The cost for a school to register with School Security First is $149.00 with an annual administrative fee of $49.00. The cost for police, school employees, students and parents is $.99 each per month.

We are not trying to replace existing safety plans, we want to enhance it.  We know that by notifying 911 and everyone on campus, who has the App, as to the nature and the exact location of the emergency will help in saving lives.

Absolutely.  We have adopted "Run, Hide, Barricade and Fight" as our security training.  Used by the Department of Homeland Security, we believe these principles are the best choices to make during any emergency.

We can create a customized emergency plan and train school personnel to meet the needs of your particular school.

Yes, we want to work with the local police.  They are able to download the App and link multiple schools in their jurisdiction.  If there is an emergency at a particular school, they will be notified as to the nature and location of the emergency the same time school personnel and students are.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact us at support@schoolsecurityfirst.com or call us at 949-301-2760

Contact us to make our app part of your campus safety measures. From our headquarters in California, we serve schools of all levels internationally.